Our Services


We provide a range of occupational therapy services which includes the assessment and treatment of children with a variety of difficulties with participation. We work with children on both skills and underlying abilities.
Some examples of skills which may be difficult include:

  • Fine motor – puzzles, construction, colouring, drawing, cutting, handwriting legibility, writing (generating, planning, organising and expanding ideas)
  • Gross motor – jumping, hoping, skipping, ball skills
  • Self care – dressing, toileting, tying shoelaces
  • Play – structured, unstructured, imaginative
  • Social – joining in, making friends, sharing, problem solving

Some examples of underlying abilities which may be difficult are:

  • Mechanical – posture, seating, muscle tone, pencil grip
  • Sensory abilities – co-ordination, sensory processing, body awareness
  • Cognitive – attention, memory, organisation, planning including motor planning, following instructions
  • Personal – motivation, confidence, perseverance, self esteem



We provide a range of speech pathology services which includes the assessment and treatment of children with a variety of speech and communication disorders including difficulties with:

  • Early language Development
  • Articulation/phonology
  • Children with a diagnosis accessing both the Better Start Funding and Helping Children with Autism Funding.
  • Preschool through to school aged language (comprehension & expression)
  • Literacy Support (including reading and spelling)
  • Stuttering
  • Listening and attention



The multidisciplinary nature of the clinic ensures that the therapy provided to your child is integrated and any cross referrals can be made efficiently. All service providers are approved providers through:

  • Medicare
  • Private Health Funds
  • NDIS

A doctor’s referral is not necessary. If you are unsure as to whether your child needs an assessment, please do not hesitate to contact us to determine whether your concerns are age appropriate or further assessment is warranted.